Ikea Wardrobe


Perfect Storage System (Honest Review)

With so many closet systems in the world, there are wardrobes like Pax which I like the most. Not because of its physical features but the quality it contributes to make it more convenient for a customer to use. 

Before buying, consider IKEA pax system: size, color, availability, assembly, and price. I noticed first the interior accessories which can help me organize my clothes and other important things. Since white is a neutral color, it can be easily integrate with other colors, either primary, secondary, and complementary colors. More importantly, ensure that it will remain undamaged and offers strong resistance to anything. It is better to seek help from professionals when this is the time to get your order from IKEA store.

Wide and Organized

You will take a great advantage if you exceed the minimum ceiling height required: 96 ½”. Aside from the product itself, hinges are all you need. However, handles, and knobs are sold separately. Another favorable circumstance is that this unit hold several storage capacity such as sewing and storage, garage, and other rooms. 

If you want an achievable IKEA pax system, require yourself for proper space planning and a  perfect design concept. Therefore, we highly recommend perfect storage system.

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