Ikea Bed Frame

ikea bed frame

SLAKT: IKEA Single Bed Frame with Storage

I saw a lot of bed frames but this one caught my attention. Well, if you are alone in your room. Searching for your child’s style or design, and looking for a single bed frame with storage and slatted bed base. This IKEA bed frame is for you!

Slakt is a white bed frame with storage wherein you can put your clothes, toys, and other stuff. It would not be hard for you to locate where your things are. In addition, the drawers are easy to open and spacious enough. It has soft edges and you can easily combine white color with your favorite color. However, bedlinen and mattress are sold separately.

What makes it beautiful is that I’ve discovered that the design of this bed frame involved a group of children ages 8 - 14 who contributed to the process to show off their perceptions about this. The small problem you might encounter with it is that if your room has only limited space so you better check out first the bed size before buying the bed frame.

Thus, with an affordable price,  all the details of the product are present, and it will be delivered to your exact location.

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